How you do anything is how you do everything!

Norwest Wellbeing is a family practice run by Paul & Rebecca Smith. A local family living in The Hills shire that understands how you feel, why sometimes our behaviour and actions don’t match our core beliefs, in turn why we behave the way we do even though it goes against what we want or need.

Our wellbeing affects our flow and what’s essential to embrace and enjoy life completely. We haven’t just studied how our minds work we have lived it in our own lives. Weight loss, depression, anxiety and an incredible relationship has enriched our own lives significantly. We want to share this knowledge with you to help enhance yours.

About Paul

Paul is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist, Third Degree (Shinpiden) Reiki Master and Teacher. Paul is in addition an NLP Practitioner and PSYCH-K Advanced Facilitator. Paul has an intuitive capability to connect like no other.

Paul’s substantial experience varies from dealing with clients with depression and Anxiety and has had great results in this field. When you experience a session with Paul you will realise how well he “gets it” It’s time to transform your mind and improve your life.

Paul Smith

About Rebecca

Rebecca is an innovative, master and Health & Wellbeing PSYCH-K ® facilitator. Rebecca is a PSYCH-K ® facilitator with over 5 years of experience. Rebecca has substantial understanding dealing with anxiety and stress-related issues and comprehends how our limiting beliefs can hold us back from great happiness and success.

Her strategic, yet soothing approach helps individuals that are “stuck” or experiencing that “life getting in the way” moment. When you change the beliefs that are holding you back, they end up being self-enhancing, as you free your mind, you improve your life.

Rebecca is a preferred PSYCH-K® Centre International facilitator

Rebecca Smith

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